Years 1 – 6

The broad, balanced and vibrant curriculum is excellent – ISI Oct 2014

The curriculum offered takes the best from the National Curriculum, covers the syllabus required for independent schools entrance exams, provides a strong emphasis on the arts, and develops a strong work ethic emphasising independent learning skills.  We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum.  There is considerable concentration on reading, writing and mathematics.  Children work within broad topics which draw on history, geography and science and incorporate all areas of the curriculum; providing an holistic approach to education which enables vital connections to be made so that children’s understanding of the world can be fully developed.

All children are offered appropriate teaching for preparation for entrance examinations at 11+, including tuition in verbal and non-verbal reasoning, examination techniques and interview techniques. We do not routinely prepare children for 7+ examinations. If a parent decides they wish their child to sit 7+ examinations, and are able to tell the school well in advance, the class teacher will offer help and guidance.

All children are expected to complete homework.  Parents are asked to support their child with homework.  Children remaining at the homework club are expected, nevertheless, to take their work home for parents to share.

We use Golden Lane, the Artillery Ground and Bunhill Fields for sporting activities.  During the winter we also go ice-skating at the Broadgate rink.  All children participate in a physical activity each day.  As well as sports, this may be dance, gymnastics, drama or small games, all provided on the premises. We have the advantage of a covered play area to enable our sports programme to continue whatever the weather.

Children learn French from Nursery onwards and Latin in Years 5 and 6.