autumn term menu


Week 1

Option 1Penne in a tomato sauce with two cheeseButtered roast chickenBeef burgers with tomato relishLasagne Breaded fish finger with lime wedge and tartare sauce
Option 2Minestrone bean soupVegetable Thai curry with rice Vegetable bean hotdog with BBQ sauceButternut squash, spinach and feta lasagneStuffed squash with chickpea, raisin and harissa roast vegetables
On the sideGarlic and thyme bread
Green beans
Salad bar selection
Roast potatoes
Broccoli and sweetcorn
Root vegetable wedges
Garden salad pot
Mixed vegetables
Caesar salad pot
New potatoes
Mixed vegetables
DessertWhole fresh fruit
Greek yogurt with seeded maple granola
Whole fresh fruit
Pear, cinnamon and toffee crumble
Whole fresh fruit
Blackberry panna cotta
Whole fresh fruit
Oatmeal and raisin cookies
Whole fresh fruit
Yogurt topped with fruit coulis

Week 2

Option 1Bacon and egg mayonnaise
Roast vegetable and mozzarella
Cheese salad
Sausage selection with red onion gravySourdough pizza barChicken and mushroom pieTuna penne pasta topped with mozzarella cheese
Option 2Soya rosemary sausagesTomato, basil and mozzarella
Chorizo and mixed peppers
Traditional cheese and onion pieMushroom ravioli with roast tomato and sage sauce
On the sideCajun potato wedges
Salad bar crudities
Roast root vegetables
Red cabbage
Cauliflower cheese
Rocket and tabbouleh
Salad pot
Grilled aubergine and butternut squash
Sweet potato chips
Broccoli and green beans
Salad pot
Steamed greens
Buttered courgettes with lemons
DessertWhole fresh fruit
Greek yogurt with honey and orange granola
Whole fresh fruit
Beetroot chocolate brownies
Whole fresh fruit
Frozen strawberry yogurts
Whole fresh fruit
Scottish shortbread
Whole fresh fruit
Yogurt topped with fruit

Week 3

Option 1Penne pasta with mushroom, parmesan and herb sauceCottage pie topped with dice potato and cheddar cheeseCorn taco with cajun chicken Sweet and sour pork with chilli jamBattered cod with garlic aioli and lime wedges
Option 2Jacket potato with cheese and beansVegetable shepherds pie Butternut squash and been chilli tacoVegetable katsu curry Pesto and rocket pasta bake
On the sideSpinach baked bread
Mixed vegetables
Watercress and orange salad pots
Sauté mushroom and green beans
Salad bar selection
Baked tomatoes and sweetcorn
Sour cream
Garden salad pots
Spiced capsicum rice
Chunky new potatoes
Mushy split peas
DessertWhole fresh fruit
Strawberry granola
Yogurt pot
Whole fresh fruit
Oatmeal chocolate cookies
Sliced fresh fruit
Vanilla, lemon and pea cupcakes
Whole fresh fruit
Spinach, yogurt and coconut cake
Whole fresh fruit
Yogurt topped with fruit coulis