Nursery Class

The Nursery class aims to provide an environment which develops children socially, emotionally, physically and educationally, providing a wide range of experiences.

The Nursery class is open for the same hours as the rest of the school and offers part-time places, after-school care and is flexible in arrangements for parents.

All children offered a place have the option of being full-time.  Places are offered to children from the September after their third birthday but they may join at anytime during the year.  Places in the Nursery class are only offered to children who will remain at The Lyceum for the Reception class and beyond.

Parents of children who have been offered a place receive a pre-school booklet and are informed individually of their part-time or full-time options in the term before entry.

Nursery Curriculum

The Nursery class offers a vibrant, exciting, themed approach to education based in play.  Children learn to share and care for one another.  They learn traditional manners and how to listen to instructions as well as how to make choices and to be independent.  They will begin to learn pre-writing and pre-reading skills.  However, where a child is ready to read and write, the opportunity will be given to him/her.

The Lyceum encourages children to become competent and confident learners who ask questions and make discoveries.  We recognise that every child learns in his or her own way.  The Nursery class builds upon the strengths, needs and interests that each child brings into our school.

Our child-centred programme allows children to make choices and encourages them to take responsibility for their own learning.  Investigation, creativity, reflection, spontaneity, exploration, communication and social interaction are all valued and promoted.  As members of a small class, children’s contributions are sought and valued.  A sense of well-being and belonging underpins the programme.  Small group play and the skills and strategies for developing friendships are developed.

The staff provide a stimulating, supportive environment. Their interactions with children extend the children’s learning and development. This  is achieved through observation of the children, professional knowledge and working with parents.  Teachers plan for individual needs within the class programme.