Christine Leslie

A teacher smiling for the camera

Christine is an education specialist with over 30 years of experience in education. She spent 20 years working as the Headmistress at a number of co-educational, girls’, and boys’ schools. Her time at leading schools such as Godolphin Prep and Hawkesdown House enabled her to form a deep understanding of independent schools and what they are looking for in prospective students. Christine has spent 12 years as an ISI inspector, finishing as a trained Reporting Inspector (RI). She has represented children’s interests in legal cases, offering judgments in school investigations and participating in grievance panels, and has over 20 years of experience as a school governor, with four as Chairman of the Board for an overseas English international school. Alongside this, Christine has 12 years of state school experience, including overseas army schools.

Currently an independent adviser with The Child and Family Practice, she uses her wealth of experience to provide parents and their children with well-grounded education advice to help them make the right choices when considering independent education in the UK.

She supports Dukes in an advisory capacity, retaining her independence as a consultant for parents.

17th June 2021

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