Mrs Kidd

Mrs Kidd has enjoyed and created art most of her life. She has been teaching for 15 years, 6 of which have been as an arts specialist. Mrs Kidd is passionate about making her own art and sharing her skills, experience and love of the subject with the children she teaches.

She studied Fine Art at Winchester School of Art. Achieving a BA (Hons) at University, she then went on to receive a Masters from Cambridge School of Art. Mrs Kidd is a practising artist, creating works in the form of installations and prints – a collaboration of art and music. These have been executed on Japanese paper using a wood block printing method. Having been awarded first prize in the Gainsborough House printing competition, Mrs Kidd has subsequently exhibited across the country extensively, London and the Royal Academy.

In addition to her art, Mrs Kidd offers complementary therapies to patients in her local Oncology department in Cambridge. She has also delivered talks and demonstrations on Story Massage and enjoys the balance that teaching brings to her life.

19th March 2021

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