Cultural Life of the School

We believe in using the environment around us and this includes the large range of museums, galleries and concert halls.  Children undertake at least one educational visit per half term related to the curriculum.  From Year 3 (age 7) upwards children go on residential trips including ‘living history’ events.  In addition to this we invite authors, artists and speakers to enhance the curriculum.  We have a well stocked library and weekly assemblies on Monday’s and Friday’s to which all parents are welcome.

All children learn to play the recorder starting in Year 2.  Individual tuition on a wide range of other instruments and voice is available.  We have a school orchestra, big band and various ensembles.  Children take an active part in dance, drama and other physical activities; visual arts are covered through many media.  There are regular performances and a major production at the end of each term.

Located in the heart of the City, the curriculum has a strong emphasis on using  local resources, as well as the school’s link to  a wide range of study centres, experiences of living history and a Year 6 residential visit to a European City.

We have strong links to Bunhill Fields and the Honourable Artillery Ground which we use for outdoor play, and as an outdoor classroom for a wide variety of activities. Sports Days take place at Mile End Stadium.

The ‘Living History’ residential visits tailored by Lyceum staff, taking place during topics such as the Victorians, the Tudors and World War Two, provide excellent opportunities for deepening understanding and exploring themes using drama, art, history and design technology. – ISI Oct 2014