The Lyceum School

Established in September 1997, The Lyceum School is a non-selective, co-educational independent nursery school and preparatory school which prides itself on a providing an outstanding education in an engaging, stimulating and holistic environment.

Over the past 20 years, we have established our place as one of the top independent schools in London, based on our ethos of ensuring all pupils develop morally, socially, academically, spiritually and culturally.

Our base, in the heart of Shoreditch and a stone’s throw from Old Street and Liverpool Street stations, means we have a huge wealth of resources right on our doorstep that we regularly take advantage of. Be it lessons in local museums, tours of the Royal Parks or trips to London’s theatres – we aim to afford all of our students the very best experiences and hands-on education.

In addition, we also want to encourage students to establish a real thirst for knowledge and zest for learning that will stay with them throughout their entire academic career into adulthood. Our fortunate position as an independent school in London means we have been able to develop a unique curriculum that combines a healthy balance between academic learning – both inside and outside the traditional classroom setting – and extra-curricular clubs and activities. All of which are tailored to inspire, motivate and engage students, whilst also allowing them to develop at their own pace.

At The Lyceum School, we understand that all children are individuals with their own specific needs, challenges and goals – therefore, we want to create a learning environment that recognises these needs and is tailored as much as possible to each student.

We start this by limiting class sizes, so all our pupils are fully supported by a team of teachers and learning support assistants. We also have partially open plan classrooms with no divisions between lessons in order to encourage dialogue and information sharing between different students and year groups. This means our pupils not only learn from teachers, but also from their peers as well.

Our curriculum is centred on topic-based, hands-on learning, which we feel really allows students to get under the skin of a specific subject. For instance, we encourage students to literally live and breathe different elements of the curriculum through programmes like our Living History weeks – another unique offering we believe makes us one of the best schools in London.

At The Lyceum School, our aim is to develop confident young people with open, questioning and independent minds, who embrace a lifelong love of learning. We promote a non-denominational Christian ethos, welcoming those of all faiths and of no faith.

We also pride ourselves on establishing strong relationships with parents through daily contact, regular consultations, written reports and a weekly newsletter. Parent-teacher consultations are held once every term and reports written annually at the end of the Summer term. And staff are always available at the end of the day to meet with parents.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s some of the feedback from our most recent ISI inspection report – cementing our place as one of the best schools in London:

“Pupils’ social development is excellent; they have a great sense of being in a school family that extends from the start of EYFS to Year 6.”

“The school is successful in encouraging its pupils to develop curiosity, a drive to learn, confidence, independence and a strong work ethic.”

“The school’s welcoming and friendly ethos reflects its aim to develop tolerance and understanding towards each other and all members of the wider community; and to develop a positive attitude to behaviour based on traditional manners.”