The Lyceum School

The Lyceum school provides an exciting and challenging curriculum for children from ages 3 to 11 years old. Through qualified professionals that are inspiring and passionate, pupils gain a thirst for learning, a love for sport and an appreciation for the arts.

Our curriculum is centered on topic-based, hands-on learning that we feel really allows students to get under the skin of a specific subject. For instance, we encourage students to literally live and breathe different elements of the curriculum through programmes like our Living History weeks – another unique offering we believe makes us one of the best schools in London.

Living History week is unique to The Lyceum, where our pupils in Years 3-6 attend residential trips and live as either Victorians, Tudors, or as children from the First World War. By bringing history to life, it provides invaluable experience and memories they will go on to treasure. We are academically rigorous but also provide a broad and creative curriculum and have recently introduced Yoga, Spanish and Latin.

As a result of the broad and balanced education that we provide, our children develop into confident, resilient and compassionate young people. The feedback from the senior school interviews is a testament to this as they say the Lyceum children show a mature outlook and they have the capacity to express themselves eloquently.

The school first opened in September 1997 and since then it has gained a reputation for providing a truly holistic education. The ‘hothouse’ is not for us but our children still get to the top schools without the feeling of pressure. The Year 6 children spend an ‘exam preparation week’ in the countryside where they practice their papers in the mornings and spend the afternoons out in the fresh air. When they return, they feel mentally and physically ready to face anything.

Based in the heart of Shoreditch and a stone’s throw from Old Street and Liverpool Street stations, we have a wealth of resources right on our doorstep that we regularly take advantage of. Be it lessons in local museums, tours of the Royal Parks or trips to London’s theatres – we aim to afford all of our students the very best experiences and hands-on education.

We promote a non-denominational Christian ethos, welcoming those of all faiths and of none. Our weekly assemblies celebrate the religious festivals from around the world and our charity work supports a school in Africa that was set up for orphaned children; our pupils are encouraged to have a global outlook and to care for those less fortunate than themselves.

We pride ourselves in establishing strong relationships with parents through daily message books, regular consultations, written reports and a weekly newsletter. Parent-teacher consultations are held every term, and these are supported by a written report. Parents are all invited to our weekly assemblies and the Parent Forum meets regularly with the headmistress to discuss any parent concerns, and there is a suggestion box in the hallway that can be accessed at all times.

Above all, the Lyceum is a small, friendly place where you and your child can be guaranteed a warm welcome when you visit. We would love to have the opportunity to meet you and show you our school; it truly is a hidden gem in the centre of London.

We are moving into a 5-storey building this year, find out more!