Our Head Chef, Hosanna, cooks fresh school lunches every day and each year group eats in our school dining room. The children are encouraged to behave as if they are sitting in a ‘posh restaurant’ so are taught how to sit properly at a table, use cutlery correctly, be polite and remain seated until they are dismissed.

Hosanna always provides a vegetarian option, a side dish and a salad bar. The children also have the choice of a low-sugar dessert or fresh fruit. All food is nut-free and caters to children with varying dietary requirements.

Our children are rewarded by trying new vegetables by getting a stamp on their Food Explorer Passport. It is a great initiative to encourage children to try new things. By the end of the Term, even our fussiest eaters are enjoying a wholesome meal.

The children also enjoy themed cuisine days for special occasions such as Chinese New Year, St Patrick’s Day, and national food days.

During the Summer Term, the cuisine reflects the Geography focused curriculum providing food from countries around the world. For the majority of our children, lunch time truly is the highlight of their day!

Autumn Term Menu


HYDRATIONStrawberry and elderflowerPineapple and mintPlum  and PearGrapefruit and limeOrange juice
OPTION 1Build your own

Jacket potato 

Roast vegetable and mozzarella

Egg mayonnaise

Bean chili

Chicken fajitaBuild your own


Carbonara  Sauce

Tomato and  basil sauce

Pesto Sauce

Sausage selection with  onion gravyBattered MCS pollack with tartare & lemon
OPTION 2 Bean and vegetable fajitaQuorn sausage toad in the hole with gravyCheddar and vegetable  frittata
ON THE SIDESugar snap peas


Selection of salad

Spiced Vegetable  rice

Roast peppers

Selection of salad

Carrots and green beans

Garlic bread

Selection of salad

Chunky chips

Cauliflower and broccoli

Selection of salad

New potatoes

Garden peas

Selection of salad

DESSERTYoghurt topped honey

Whole fresh fruit

Carrot raisin and coconut cake

Whole fresh fruit

Elderflower and blackberry jelly

Whole fresh fruit

Apple pie

Whole fresh fruit

Yoghurt topped with fruit coulis

Whole fresh fruit


HYDRATIONApple and rhubarbLemon and limeGrapefruit and gingerBeetroot smoothieOrange and mint
OPTION 1Macaroni cheeseBeef burgersBuild your own

Corn Taco with a

choice of filling

Bean chilli

Pork chilli

Chicken curryBattered cod with garlic aioli and lime wedges
OPTION 2 Butternut squash and feta risottoVegetable bean burger with BBQ sauce Sweet potato and pumpkin coconut curryVegan fishless fingers with

Tomato salsa

ON THE SIDEBroccoli and red peppers

Garlic bread

Selection of salad

New potatoes

Sour cream and chives

Roast carrots

Selection of salad

Piri Piri potatoes

Sugar snap peas

Selection of salad

Garlic and herb naan

Carrots and sweetcorn

Steamed brown rice

Thyme and garlic roast potato

Green beans

DESSERTFresh fruit pots

Yoghurt topped with chocolate and pumpkin seeds

Beetroot and chocolate


Whole fresh fruit

Sliced fresh fruitHoney Pear cake

Whole fresh fruit

Fresh fruit pots

Yoghurt topped with fruit coulis


HYDRATIONCucumber and gingerMint and  LimeCarrot and applePear and mintWatermelon
OPTION 1Vegetable Bolognese with spaghettiAsian chicken noodlesPizza Bar Selection

Pepperoni and pineapple


Tomato, rocket and feta cheese

Baked potato with grated cheese

Beef Cornish pieBreaded fish finger with lime wedge and tartare sauce
OPTION 2 Mushroom RavioliSweet and sour vegan Quorn noodlesLentil, butternut squash and feta pieVegan hotdog in a roll with caramelised onions
ON THE SIDESourdough baguettes

Cheese platter

Wonky carrots and peppers mix

Vegetable stir fry

Selection of salad

Quinoa with roast peppers

Broccoli and cut green beans

Selection of salad

Green cabbage and cauliflower

Selection of salad

Chipped potato


Baked beans

DESSERTFresh fruit pots

Yoghurt topped with passion fruit granola

Lemon and lime cheesecake

Whole fresh fruit

Sliced fresh fruitPineapple upside down cake

Whole fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit pots

Yoghurt topped with fruit coulis