Our Head Chef, Hosanna, cooks fresh school lunches every day and each year group eats in our school dining room. The children are encouraged to behave as if they are sitting in a ‘posh restaurant’ so are taught how to sit properly at a table, use cutlery correctly, be polite and remain seated until they are dismissed.

Hosanna always provides a vegetarian option, a side dish and a salad bar. The children also have the choice of a low-sugar dessert or fresh fruit. All food is nut-free and caters to children with varying dietary requirements.

Our children are rewarded by trying new vegetables by getting a stamp on their Food Explorer Passport. It is a great initiative to encourage children to try new things. By the end of the Term, even our fussiest eaters are enjoying a wholesome meal.

The children also enjoy themed cuisine days for special occasions such as Chinese New Year, St Patrick’s Day, and national food days.

During the Summer Term, the cuisine reflects the Geography focused curriculum providing food from countries around the world. For the majority of our children, lunch time truly is the highlight of their day!

Spring Term Menu


Salad BarGreek salad with feta and black olives
Mixed garden salad
Caesar salad
Carrot, raisin and butterbean salad
Thai vegetable saladTomato and corn salsa
Ploughman’s platter
Beetroot salad
quinoa, fennel and lemon salad
Option 1Beef bolognese with spaghettiChicken, vegetable and lentil pieBibimbap bowls

Hot & spicy chicken or
Vegan quorn with sweet chilli

Beef burgers with tomato relishBreaded fish finger with tartare sauce
Option 2Roast peppers, lime and basil spaghettiVegetable shepherd pie with sweet potato cheddar toppingVegetable bean hotdog with BBQ sauceJacket potatoes with
choice of filling:
Egg mayonnaise, cheese, beans or ham
On the sideGreen Beans
Garlic bread
Broccoli and sweetcorn
Roast potatoes
Egg noodles
Baked black beans and papaya slaw
Sweet potato wedges
Sugar snap green peas
New potatoes
Mushy peas
DessertFresh fruit pots
Yoghurt topped with blackberry and honey
Whole fresh fruit
Chocolate muffins
Whole fresh fruit
Frozen yoghurt
Smoothie selection
Green ginger peach
Orange and pineapple
Fresh fruit pots
Yoghurt topped with fruit coulis


Salad BarRoast Mediterranean vegetable saladQuinoa, feta and lentil saladCrudités selection with HummusCouscous with sundried tomatoes saladBean salsa with coriander salad
Courgette, dill and mustard salad
Option 1Whole meal pasta, tomato and basil sauce and grated cheeseWhole spiced roast chicken with apricot stuffingBuild your own
Corn Taco with a
choice of filling:
Bean chilli
Coriander and lime bean chilli
Lamb koftas with yoghurt, lemon and flatbreadBattered cod with garlic aioli
Option 2Goat cheese and red onion quicheCoconut sambal vegan quornQuorn mixed pepper
kofta with
sweetcorn salsa
Pesto and rocket pasta
On the sideBroccoli
Mange tout and red peppers
Homemade focaccia
Roast potatoes
Roast carrots
Naan bread
Crushed avocado
Soured cream
Baked sweetcorn and tomato salsa
Brown rice
Steamed brown rice
Sugar snap peas
Baked aubergine
Roast new potatoes
Roast beets with peas
DessertFresh fruit pots
Yoghurt topped chocolate crumble
Whole fresh fruit
Lemon and polenta cupcakes
Whole fresh fruit
Eton mess
Whole fresh fruit
Strawberry and lime jelly
Fresh fruit pots
Yoghurt topped with fruit coulis


Salad BarSpinach, pasta and basil saladGrilled aubergine and salsa verde saladSmoothie barPloughman’s platter
Mixed leaf salad
Chickpea, lemon, feta and parsley salad
Mixed salad
Option 1Build your own sandwich:
ham, tuna sweetcorn, egg mayonnaise,
hummus and carrot, cheese salad
Moroccan beef tagineBuild your own
pizza tomatoes, basil and mozzarella
Salami and mushroom
Sausage selection with red onion gravyPenne pasta topped with cheese or tuna sauce
Option 2Vegan quorn spiced tagine with olives and apricotsSoya rosemary sausagesMushroom ravioli with roast tomato and sage sauce
On the sideNew potatoes wedges
cucumber and carrots crudities
Lemon and mint couscous
Broccoli and cauliflower
Sweetcorn and green
Salad bar selection
Smokey BBQ beans
Roast root vegetable
Sauté cabbage
Baked celeriac and fennel
DessertFresh fruit pots
Yoghurt topped with granola and sunflower seeds
Whole fresh fruit
lemon cheesecake
Whole fresh fruit
Frozen yoghurt
Whole fresh fruit
Oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies
Fresh fruit pots
Yoghurt topped with fruit coulis