As a parent at The Lyceum, you are warmly invited to join the Dukes Club.

What is The Dukes Club?

The Dukes Club connects families across all the Dukes Education nurseries, schools and colleges. It is a space to learn, network, take advantage of exciting opportunities and amazing rewards, and make new friends.

As a growing family of schools, our scale and scope enables us to provide you with exclusive access to a huge array of opportunities that would simply be beyond the reach of any single school.

Why join the Dukes Club?

Belonging to the Dukes Club will give you and your family access to expert advice from leaders in the worlds of education and parenting.

We will keep you in the know with the latest information, invite you to exciting family events and fun social gatherings, and offer you and your children opportunities to enjoy adventures of a lifetime.

The Dukes Club will be a chance for you to find a mentor or work experience for your child, to meet among like-minded individuals and socialise both online and in real life.

How do I join?

All parents at The Lyceum can join the Club, simply click the link below and register for an account.