To prepare our children for life today, tomorrow and the future.


Our children develop a deep love of learning

We inspire a love of learning through our exciting, topic-based curriculum where we use London as our classroom.

We challenge the status quo

Our children think critically, and problem solve, especially through our STEAM education.

Our children see every day as an adventure

We encourage a risk-taking and adventurous approach where exciting learning happens every day.

Our school is full of laughter and happiness

Every child is valued, listened to, and celebrated.

Our children are kind, confident, and creative

We prepare them to be resilient, entrepreneurial and philanthropic equipped with a set of skills to make a positive contribution to the world.

We are a community

We take pride in our diverse and multi-cultural community; a true reflection of 21st century London.

We create treasured moments

We don’t want our busy working parents to miss out. We work in strong partnership with parents, inviting them to join us for assemblies, workshops and enjoy lunch with their children.

Our Values – The Four Pillars of The Lyceum:

Our school is founded on the four pillars of kindness, creativity, confidence and community. These pillars are embedded in everyday learning and the structural pillars of the school serve as key visual reminders for every child.

Celebrating 11+ Success

Congratulations Year 6! We are delighted to share this year’s 11+ results.

7 pupils sat exams for top independent schools in the country achieving 15 offers from 9 top senior schools.

See the full results here