Year 1 and 2 visit London Zoo

On the 15th of January year 1 and 2 went to London Zoo. We began our journey with an educational class about the five senses. We looked at animal senses and how they are different to human senses.  We then all had our lunch on some picnic tables by the carousel. Miss Andrews quickly snuck off and bought some surprise pencils for the children. After lunch it happened that it was the penguins turn to have their lunch too. We saw the penguins eat little fish, they were super hungry! Even some herons from the park nearby also came to join lunch eating time! We were then off to the Clore Rainforest to see the day time animals and then had to carefully walk down the stairs to the Night Cave. We saw lots of animals and looked at how they moved around in the dark! We had a fun day at the Zoo!.

20th January 2015

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