Drop off/pick up

At the start of the day, arriving at school is a smooth transition for children as they say goodbye to their parents and hello to their teachers. The EYFS team are all present each morning to meet and greet families as they arrive at the school. This means they are always on hand to catch up on any important updates, or simply to hear your news as the children enter the learning environment. We take account of what is said and ensure moments of importance are explored throughout the day. Children will be guided to their pegs in the classroom, where they will learn to hang their belongings and then begin their day with free choice activities.

Child initiated play

Our large, open-plan classroom provides children with a range of exploratory play opportunities, linked to the EYFS Curriculum.  Children learn to navigate and take ownership of each space. This includes a construction zone, art and design area, writing station, sensory play space and topic-themed role play area. Children are regularly given the freedom to choose their own activity and to flow between the spaces, depending on their interests, ideas and moods across the day. The toys and resources placed throughout the room have a focus on areas of importance to the children; this is steered by the questions the children ask each day.

Teacher initiated learning

After a settling-in period, Nursery children will begin to explore early Literacy, Mathematics and Emotional Wellbeing skills, through short, teacher-led sessions. These will vary between whole class and small group sessions and will slowly embed the skills needed for Reception. The Nursery Class also focus on a half-termly ‘topic’ which is subtly linked across almost all of the learning in school, e.g. Dinosaurs, Space, Animals.


Snack and lunchtime are supervised by members of the EYFS team and we closely monitor the eating habits of all children. At lunchtime, everyone eats in our beautiful canteen, which has murals of the city skyline, and individual dietary requirements/allergies are catered for. Children are provided with a range of healthy lunches and regularly enjoy themed meals which link to their learning and national celebrations.

Outdoor Learning

Regular outdoor play and exercise is an integral part of every day in Nursery, where children have access directly from their classroom on to the AstroTurf. In addition, a weekly session of “Messy Play” enables the children to become immersed in open-ended sensory and exploratory play. They enjoy donning their all-in-one outfits and welly boots and getting jolly messy! Many children see this as the highlight of their week.

Since 2019 we have partnered with Spitalfields City Farm and EYFS children visit on a weekly basis. This allows them to gain Forest School skills, ranging from gardening, caring for animals (walking the ferrets, feeding the chickens and goats, and stroking the donkeys) and toasting marshmallows on a bonfire. We also regularly take the children on walks to explore the surrounding environment and to play in local parks.