Latin and Classical Civilisation is an exciting part of The Lyceum curriculum with lessons being delivered from a specialist to pupils from Years 3 to 6. We aim to provide an enriching introduction to Latin by mixing language with stories about Greco-Roman myths and Roman culture.

The language side of the course introduces Latin in a straightforward, simple way as any new language (especially ancient ones) can be a daunting prospect! We cover simple nouns, verbs and adjectives, using a variety of resources including ‘Minimus’ and ‘Telling Tales in Latin’.

The curriculum aims to prepare our students for further study of Latin and the Classical world in their subsequent secondary education. Many independent schools in and around London have strong Classics departments and therefore an introduction during their primary school provides them with a strong foundation in the subject.

We believe Latin to benefit in other areas of the curriculum too; it is useful in the development of English because it solidifies and strengthens pupils’ understanding of grammar.

Our aim is to bring the Roman world to life, through trips such as visiting the Verulamium in St Albans and the remains of the Roman Wall around the City of London. The study of Latin at The Lyceum School fosters a long-lasting interest in the Classical world through a fun and engaging curriculum, combining language and the world in which it was spoken.