Pupils are given excellent opportunities to express their creativity in art, drama and music and all pupils play at least one instrument. Several choirs, including a chamber choir, the school orchestra and a big band, provide pupils with many opportunities to perform together on a regular basis. – ISI Oct 2014

Music is an integral and important part of daily life at The Lyceum.

We have a thriving and busy Music Department committed to providing every pupil with the best musical education and opportunities possible.

First and foremost music is fun, be it playing an instrument, having the confidence to sing, composing your own tunes or going to a concert. A lifelong journey of enjoyment and appreciation begins on each child’s first day at The Lyceum.

We place an emphasis on practical performance and offer many opportunities for children to perform. These include music assemblies, school productions, grade exam entrance and our end of year flagship concert fondly known as Summer Pudding.

Our highly popular ensembles include The Lyceum Orchestra, The Lyceum Big Band, String Group, Guitar Group, Chamber Choir and School Choir.

Music also plays a vital part in a well-rounded education and helps in many ways to ensure children fulfil their potential in all areas of the curriculum. The personal achievements in learning a musical instrument improve confidence and self-esteem not to mention self-discipline and motivation, all which are transferable back in the classroom to all areas of learning.

These wider values of music in education should not be underestimated.

We believe we are almost unique in the quality of our music provision at this level and our pupils enjoy great success when moving to the next stage in their education.

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