In Nursery children take a book home to share.  In Reception, homework will consist of only reading and reading support; any other work set will be at the weekend, from the spring term onwards.  In Year 1, again homework will consist of reading and other work only at the weekend.  Sometimes children will be asked to complete something started in school, to do some research for a topic or to do a piece of art.  There will be a lot of variety but the majority of homework will focus on basic skills.  In Years 1 and 2 the emphasis will be on reading and spelling with some maths and English and a little topic work.  From Year 3 onwards homework will usually consist of a piece of written work or maths plus reading, spelling and times tables.

The aim of homework is to reinforce or follow up work happening in school.  We also want homework to be a way in which parents keep in touch with what their child is learning.  Parents are encouraged to use the reading log provided to write their comments.  From the final term of Year 2 onwards children use a homework diary to keep a record of their work and parents may write comments if necessary.  We want to know if children find something a struggle, take a long time to complete a task or really enjoy something!

No child will be reprimanded for very occasionally not completing homework through tiredness or a family treat.  If homework is taking a very long time, or the child does not understand, parents are encouraged to stop the activity and speak to the teacher.  We would rather have happy alert children ready to do a day’s work than children miserable and tired because homework has been a struggle.  As children near 11+ time there will be an increase in quantity and an expectation to always complete, but parents are informed if that is the case.

Year 6, Term 1 – There will be maths 3 times weekly and English most nights.  Verbal Reasoning/Non-Verbal Reasoning 1-2 times weekly.  This will focus on 11+ preparation.  Any topic work will be presented in such a way as to develop or practice skills needed for 11+ English.  Children will also be expected to read nightly.

Terms 2 and 3 – Nightly reading will continue.  Topic work will develop research skills and will gradually become more open-ended and over longer periods of time in order to develop skills needed for secondary school.  There will be more word processing and internet research. In addition there may be maths and finishing off to do.

Music is a very important part of The Lyceum and as such every child from Year 1 upwards plays the recorder, most children also play other instruments. Practice is considered as important as other homework in order that children make progress.

Children who stay to homework club will still take their work home so that parents can keep in touch with their children’s progress.  Parents should note that homework club may not provide enough time for our older children to complete all their homework, particularly at weekends (also sometimes homework requires children to use things at home).