Year 1 and 2 visit the Science Muceum!

On Tuesday 20th of January Year 1 and 2 went to the Science Museum. We started our journey looking at the space exhibit. We saw planets, rockets, stars, the sun and spaceships. We then had our lunch all together. We saw a show called ‘The not so sleepy hedgehog.’  The show was about a little hedgehog that was afraid of the dark. We needed to help sort out light sources such as a torch, candle, glow stick and find out what shadow was behind the window! Straight after that we had to go to the third floor to the Launchpad. We got an introduction to the rules, then we were able to look at all the experiments and try work out why they were happening!

2nd February 2015

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Celebrating 11+ Success

Congratulations Year 6! We are delighted to share this year’s 11+ results.

7 pupils sat exams for top independent schools in the country achieving 15 offers from 9 top senior schools.

See the full results here