Living like a WW2 Evacuee for a Week…

As part of our ‘living history’ topic about life in World War 2, the children in Years 5 and 6 spent a week living as evacuees on a farm in Suffolk. While there, they undertook many farm-life tasks including gathering logs for firewood, cleaning out the chickens, collecting freshly laid eggs, preparing the soil for planting vegetables and ‘digging for victory’.

In addition, those who wished to do so helped pluck pigeons and skin rabbits in preparation for dinner on rations. Vegetables were in abundance and everyone tried the wartime classics spam and corned beef, with spam being the preferred tinned meat of choice! As well as carrying out tasks on the farm, keeping diaries and writing letters home, plenty of time was allocated for playing in the fields, walking through the forest and taking part in some competitive inter-house football and cricket, not to mention enjoying sweet rations each evening!

21st February 2019

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