Early Years Trip to Spitalfields Farm

This week Nursery and Reception ventured to Spitalfields City Farm. The children were amazing and did so well with the walk to the Farm. We were so proud of them all and luckily the weather was on our side so we could all enjoy the outdoor aspects of the farm.

We loved meeting lots of animals such as pigs, sheep, hens, ducks, geese, ferrets, rabbits and we even fed the goats some leaves from saltbush.  We took part in a planting workshop and we look forward to seeing our chive seeds grow. We also got to taste two different plants, one that tasted like sherbet and one that tasted salty. As we walked around the farm we learnt a few interesting facts, we found out that ducks don’t actually like to be fed bread but they prefer grains and cereal!

After the trip we discussed what we had enjoyed the most. Jiahan said, ” I liked the sheep because they had horns.” Isaac said, ” I liked seeing the piggys eating hay.” Trey said, ” My favourite part of the day was eating.”

1st November 2019

Early Years
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