Charles Dickens Museum

Years 3 and 4 visited the Charles Dickens Museum in Clerkenwell that was once his house when he turned 25 years old.

The children went on a tour through the house which was decorated as if the Dickens’ still lived there. Did you know that Victorian households did not have a bathroom? We could not imagine not having a bathroom now!

One of our favourite rooms was Charles Dickens’ study which had the desk where he wrote many of his world-famous novels. We even got to see the original shorthand notes of Oliver Twist next to his desk!

The children then partook in an interactive workshop focused largely on the skills needed to become a curator. The classes had a fantastic time identifying different Victorian artefacts and working in small groups to identify their purpose and when, where and why they were used. 

It was a fantastic day out and learnt a lot on our new Topic this term which is the Victorians.


16th January 2020

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