Goodbye to Year 6!

Tuesday was the last day of the academic year for our students, and the last day for Year 6 at The Lyceum School!
Although our Year 6 children have had a very strange Summer Term and were unable to go on their final residential trip abroad to Malaga, their class teacher Mrs Taggart made the end of their journey as memorable as possible!
On Monday, the Year 6 children thoroughly enjoyed their Leavers Party, playing on the huge bouncy castle that appeared on the AstroTurf, as well as eating copious amounts of pizza and cake and making mocktails at the ‘Lyceum Lounge’. There were plenty of aptly named mocktails on offer including: ‘Shoreditch Sunrise’, ‘Not So Colada’, ‘Long Island Lockdown’ and ‘I’ll Miss You from my Head to Moji-toes’.
On their final day, Year 6 hosted a wonderful Leavers Assembly on the AstroTurf with all staff and parents socially distanced. They shared some of their favourite memories of their time at school and made the audience laugh as they recounted their tales of mischief. Every member of Year 6 performed a special musical solo piece with children playing a variety of instruments including the piano, guitar, violin and flute.
To conclude the assembly, each child was presented with their own personalised Leavers hoodie.
Goodbye and good luck, Year 6! We will miss you! 

9th July 2020

Year 6
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