Bulogo Bubble Bake Off

In line with the Great British Bake Off once again gracing our screens and coinciding with national baking week, our school decided to take part in a bake off of our own! We have partnered with the Bulogo Primary School in Uganda and we are hoping to raise a substantial amount of money so they can build some eco-brick toilets to help with their sanitation and the health of the pupils of the school. We put on our aprons and baked small round/square cake or a maximum of 12 cupcakes/biscuits. As the school we are supporting is in Uganda, the theme of the competition is ‘Africa’. Designs can focus on African animals, tribal art and patterns, animal prints etc.

To be within government guidelines, all cakes and biscuits were judged (and consumed!) in year group bubbles.

Thank you to Mr Hassan (Chairman of Dukes Education) for personally matching what we have been able to raise. Please check out our Instagram page for more pictures!

26th October 2020

All School
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