We are a finalist for the Global Canvas 2021!

Over the Easter holidays, we learnt that The Lyceum’s Art department were awarded a certificate for being amongst the selected finalists for the Global Canvas 2021 with their art entitled ‘Healing Nature – A Planet on the Edge’. This competition was organised by The Natural History Museum in conjunction with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

The 2D/3D display shows that ‘Healing Nature’ is in our hands. The white bird symbolises one half where nature is thriving, while the blackbird symbolises the destruction by human hands. We were inspired by Gustav Klimt’s ‘Tree of Life’ which we used as our focal point.

To bring the natural system into balance, a new economy that is sustainable and respects the limits of natural resources and the functions of ecosystems is fundamental. This requires a shift in how we value, use and dispose of resources, creating a circular system, as is seen in nature.

We look forward to welcoming you into the school to see all the beautiful, detailed features in the display.

22nd April 2021

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