“Wow, I didn’t know science could be so cool!”

A female scientist in a lab coat holding a vial of liquid showing it to some pupils.

“Wow, I didn’t know science could be so cool!”

This week The Lyceum has been host to Science Week – a themed week dedicated to bringing the subject to life for our students and supplementing their usual science lessons.

With science fashion parades, our very own museum showcasing topical issues in creative ways, experiments in assemblies and even real-life scientists wowing the students with a chemistry workshop – this week has been a real treat!

Miss Ismail, one of our science coordinators, said: “It’s a week where we can challenge the ‘why’ questions to become why not? The pupils’ curiosity has been further awakened this week as they have been in complete awe of the inspiring activities that they have taken part in.”

One highlight was an interactive chemistry workshop led by academics from The University of Cambridge. They introduced our pupils to acids and bases, using household liquids and a pH indicator to make a rainbow of colours and asked our pupils to guess what colour each liquid would turn when mixed with the indicator. They rounded off the workshop with a demonstration of a dry ice reaction to a very ‘wowed’ audience.

A man and a woman standing at the front of a class in lab coats.

Miss Ismail added: “Above all for me the statement that made the week was ‘Wow Miss Ismail, I didn’t know Science could be so cool!’ I think it’s fair to say that the through the buzz felt in school this week, the students have enjoyed a taste of what science is, where it can go and how they can contribute to this subject in the future.”

A scientist with a Lyceum pupil showing them how to use a pipette to put liquid into a container

6th May 2022

All School
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