A Visit from Rainbow Mbugani

3 students and Rainbow Mbugani

As part of our ongoing partnership with St Vincent’s School for Sensory Impairment, we hosted Rainbow Mbugani at The Lyceum.

Rainbow – a blind footballer we met at St Vincent’s – led an assembly to extend the learnings from our Year 6’s residential trip to the whole school. He shared his experience of living with no sight, inviting some of our younger children to wear blindfolds during his talk.

Our KS2 children were fascinated to find out how he manages to be so independent, despite having no vision. He plays for the England Blind Football Team and showed them the special sounded football that his team plays with and explained that everyone has to wear a blindfold when they play, as different players have varying degrees of blindness so it makes it fair.

He shared his dream to be in the next Paralympics and kindly donated one of his England shirts to The Lyceum, which we will display in a prominent place in the hall. After donating his England shirt and coaching our football team in the afternoon, we have so many reasons to thank Rainbow for his visit!

27th May 2022

All School
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