Bringing WWII history to life at Milden

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Living history trips at The Lyceum form an important part of our topic-based curriculum, giving our pupils first-hand experience of life in a set time period. This Spring Term, Years 5 and 6 spent several days living as World War 2 evacuees in the countryside.

Written by our Head Girl, Imogen (Year 6)

On Wednesday 8th February, Year 5 and 6 embarked on a journey to… MILDEN! At Milden we enjoyed many fun activities, including:

– Rationing and pig clubs. A place where people would register their pigs and lose their meat coupons, although many people kept pigs illegally.

– Plucking pigeons and pheasants.

– Year 5 and 6 learnt about the Woman’s Land Army and all the jobs they did because the men were away. For example, they did rat catching which we tried as well, but with fake rats.

– Weeding a vegetable patch where Year 6 battled against Year 5 to see who completed their side to a higher standard!

– Stacking hundreds of heavy logs! Creating a chain, we quickly finished the job. Finally, the moment of truth, when Christopher drove the tractor piled high with logs and not a single log fell off!

Now the million-dollar question….

‘Did you enjoy your trip to Milden?’

“Yes! I found it very fun, because I’m able to do activities out in the garden!” – Evie (Year 5).

“Yes! I liked how we had a country walk together and I got to know everyone better!” – Bella (Year 6).

13th February 2023

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