Full STEAM Ahead!

What an incredible start to the new term at The Lyceum for all year groups!

Years 1-6 have been coding on two different platforms, Scratch and Makecode for micro:bit, whilst the Reception children have been introduced to the world of algorithms. All groups have started their STEAM journeys at The Lyceum and have enjoyed working in the Owlery, a new space dedicated to STEAM and Computing.

In Computing, Years 2 to 6 have been coding the micro:bit and learning about the different features of the small but mighty device. Year 6 are working on controlling motors while Year 5 have been investigating different input methods. Light and sound have been explored by Years 3 and 4, whilst Years 1 and 2 have made simple games on Scratch utilising the camera on their laptops. Reception have been thinking about algorithms and even coded Mr Clifford to get from one chair to another blindfolded! They also visited the Owlery for the first time and were little stars, behaving brilliantly and enthusiastically joining in a game coded by Year 2.

STEAM has been wildly popular with Year 5 as they have been designing wheeled robots, while Year 6 have been designing robots that move without wheels – all with the theme ‘Robots that go bump in the night’. Year 4 made an LED strip cascade with different colours whilst Year 3 created a musical instrument controlled by movement. Creating a musical sculpture is the Year 1 theme and Year 2 are creating Tamagotchi style pets. Reception have been busy building and decorating plywood rockets.

It’s full STEAM ahead at The Lyceum!

22nd September 2023

All School
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