Poetry Together 2023

Today we were delighted to welcome residents of a local care home to enjoy some tea, cake and poetry as part of the Poetry Together initiative.

Poetry Together is an initiative that encourages schools and care homes to connect with each other, learn a poem off by heart, and come together to recite.

Our Year 6 pupils brilliantly performed their own poem ‘The Joys of Life’, centred around the theme of happiness. They not only came up with their own original poem, they performed it in British Sign Language!

‘The Joys of Life’

Happiness a warm and joyful embrace,
A smile that even lights up in the darkest space.
The trees full of birds tweeting,
They sound so peaceful.
The smell of cut pine,
Jumping the waves, your hand within mine.
Sunshine in my face,
Sunshine in my eyes,
Turning around and smiling at you,
I now feel I will never be blue.
Hugs! Hugs!
They brighten up your day.
Cherish each day, let worries take flight,
In the simple joys, find your own light.
Happiness is not a chance but a choice,
So embrace the glorious person that is you!

4th October 2023

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