Introducing the New House System!

From the first day Mrs Wyatt walked into the Lyceum she fell in love with it. The children in this school are happy, creative and confident and she knew she could continue to nurture such excellent and positive attributes in these children.

One thing that was missing at the Lyceum was a formal House system. We have recently introduced one and the children have responded very enthusiastically to the new Houses! They are excited to meet new friends, take part in a lot of activities and charities and enjoy some healthy competition.

The houses are named after famous English authors, the Houses are as follows:

Blue – Shakespeare
Red – Dickens
Yellow – Austen
Green – Eliot (George Eliot)

The children took part in a “sorting hat” process – much like in Harry Potter – and were assigned to their new House. House Points will be awarded for good and positive behaviour and the totals out on Fridays in assembly.

The children held their first House meetings last week and it was wonderful to see the children all making new friends and looking after one another so well. Each House Captain presented their talk with great confidence and clarity; they looked like young trainee teachers and everyone listened to them attentively. Well done Annie, Hannah, Louie and Sienna!

19th November 2018

Lyceum School
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