Yoga and Emotional Development at the Lyceum


At the Lyceum we have recently introduced Yoga to the curriculum. Last week the Year 5 and 6’s started their sessions and really enjoyed it. Yoga will be introduced to all classes in September, we believe this is an important addition to the timetable as it teaches the children how to deal with stresses of daily life as well as enhancing their flexibility, strength and coordination. We want children at our school to be healthy in both mind and body


Wellness Wall and Emotion Monitor

We want to further the teachings of Yoga by ensuring the children understand their emotions, how they feel and how they can deal with the emotions. An ‘Emotion Monitor’ has been placed in each classroom where children can let their teacher know how they are feeling.

Understanding how they are feeling and then learning to manage their emotions is a key skill for our children to learn and will help them to build emotional resilience in the future. This is one of the areas we will be covering in our Parenting Workshop on Thursday 31st January.

We have also organised a ‘Wellness Wall’ which includes the ‘magic hand’ where children can place their hand and their worries disappear! It is right next to the ‘Worry Box’ where children write down their emotions and post them.


Emotional Contagion

Our Headmistress Hilary Wyatt spoke on emotional contagion in an educational setting, she delves into how emotions and related behaviours trigger similar emotions and behaviours in others. What impact does this have on happiness, health and productivity? Click here to view the clip.

22nd January 2019

Emotional Development
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